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Millions of online businesses are made every day. With so many choices, people need reasons to pick you over the noise. So we built an “abnormally weird, but effective” system to help you compete in the global market. See video below.



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Many people have a brand.

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That might make money.

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Because time is wasted…

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Don’t loose sleep trying to be a “DIY Entrepreneur”.

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What is Limelight? 


The Limelight is a philosophical framework we use in our work. Everyone knows quality sales rely on perception. The more refined, the better results. So we developed proven ways to increase revenue and polish your business. We do this by addressing:



99% of ads are alike. They sell similar stuff with the same messages. Every so often, new ideas emerge. But the world and its clones are quick to copy. Marketing grows stale. And since most brands lack personality, ads stop working. Vitality is essential to marketing but most businesses won't acknowledge that. So the romance fizzles out and they are forced to reinvent themselves. Our Limelight philosophy will help you achieve magnetism. It can be the difference between you and everyone else.


Sometimes, society propagates bad ideas and we listen to them as it brings us temporary peace. Until it doesn't and we make costly mistakes. Busy entrepreneurs fall prey to schemes. Crowds are led astray by deceptive trends. And many are seduced by the wrong information. Misleading ideas gracefully ruin the masses. And then there are those who get results by doing the opposite. The Limelight.


Emotions drive sales. Not logic. Many approach business from the wrong angle. Not understanding buyer psychology (what makes them "tick" and the real motivations of human behavior). The rules of desire are written in the realm of the mind. And we know exactly how to utilize them.


Further Explained

When you want something badly,

you grow insatiable appetites

to obtain that burning desire.


Going through the impossible

and pushing beyond your limits

to get what you truly want.


People can feel that with your business.


The Limelight ignites a

dormant flame living within.

That cries to primal desires

and catapults you to success.


It’s a strange power that

bypasses our natural defenses

and awakens a slumbering fervor.


Yes, it sounds mystical. You can’t

rationalize this peculiar magic.

So we try to encapsulate its

essence into our work.


Now, imagine people magnetically drawn to your offer. Begging you take their money. Instead of harassing them, paying for ads, or desperately seeking referrals.


This can be achieved with Limelight.


Top brands invest thousands to learn what we know. 


But now you can steal our methods for a fraction of the cost.

The Ultimate Branding Secret

Many things we (believe to) enjoy are suggested by authority figures, family, friends, our peers, and those we respect. We buy into ideas that everyone loves. Things covertly placed into our environment by the collective. And without thinking too hard about it…


We adopt beliefs and

mimic interests of our heroes.


We buy recommendations

from those we admire.


And believe it is us

making these choices.


Without realizing, great

marketing hacked our mind.


Ancient impulses evoked our decisions.


And then we ask. What really

guides human behavior?


Most of us don’t understand

what motivation actually is.


Except that we crave euphoria

that comes from the unknown.


And when that special feeling

comes into your awareness…


…It’s difficult to resist that call

of what feels like destiny.


The Limelight is an emotional

vantage point that resurrects

passion back to your business.


And reignites the eagerness

that was once long gone.


An irresistible hunger.


Of a most mysterious attraction.



Your brand can be seductive, wielding a raw, alluring power


…that imprints a memorable

satisfaction into our hearts.


People are desperately

seeking this enigma.


They just don’t know what

it is or where to find it.


But now you do.


Because obsession can be engineered.

Think You’re In Charge?

Because most people do.


Most believe we make our own choices.

That buying decisions are based in logic.


Except, they aren’t.


Something pulled you to this page.


And what that is can’t be explained.


Sales are influenced.

Compulsion is created.


You might perceive

thoughts to be yours.


But they are often instilled.


And we can’t even recognize

where they came from.



Or when we feel compelled to buy.



Smart businesses capitalize on these subtleties.


Because they understand we all have an itch.


Do You Know What You Want?

Because most people don’t.


They aimlessly wander.


Never reaching a destination.


That feeling.


It steers all our actions.


Luring us into submission.


Most are clueless what it is.


Or why we chase it.


But that sensation gnaws at us.


Begging for our attention.


So many brands sell through “surface-level” messaging.


And forget our decisions are motivated by an outside force.


Unseen powers that exist at the unconscious level.


The Subconscious Dictates All.

It’s a biological computer running many programs.


Scripted by emotions and past experiences. 


They can be modified with the right knowledge.


That might sound manipulative.


But people prefer you make complicated decisions for them.


They long for this special kind of peace.


Thinking takes effort and shopping shouldn’t be a stressful activity. 



We elicit experiences that people undeniably crave.


Because we are all searching.


Seeking youth and everlasting vitality.


We all want to improve our lives to some degree.


The Limelight understands and integrates this attraction into your business.


It moves people closer to their highest ideals.


Renews a fresh perspective on reality.


That moves us to freedom we strongly desire.


The Limelight shifts our internal dialogue to higher dimensions.


Allows us to rekindle our past memories

– of happy times. Moving us forward.


So we can make impactful choices.


Effective marketing will move you to tears by empowering your deepest motivations.


Decisions Aren’t Made. They’re Influenced

And recognizing that changes our approach.


Everyone wants agency over their decisions.


People love buying.


They just have a strong dislike for sales.


Or pushy interactions that feel forced.


So less convincing means more success.


It’s more beneficial to amplify existing desires.


Then to sell people on something they don’t want.


Price is never an issue when motivated by the right factors.


When your offer helps someone in great need.


So, build a community and serve it to the best of your abilities.


Be precise with your messaging.


Speak in ways that solve problems on a deep, emotional level.


This is the Limelight way.


Emotion Drives Sales

And that’s a fact.


Athletic brands inspire us to dream.


They dare us to pursue adventure and glory.


Luxury goods help us reflect on self-worth and social status.


Technology arouses relevancy, upgrades, and staying “up to date” with culture.


Fragrances spike dopamine levels.


They target physical senses linked to love and sexuality.


The proof is everywhere.


Our feelings are the main culprit behind purchasing behavior.


So if you want more sales, inject soul into your business.


Because bland messaging does not work.


People need YOU and your brand’s voice.


Not another cookie-cutter clone.


Advertising is robotic when you remove personality from the equation



And formulaic marketing puts people in “states of mind” they inherently want to avoid.


So to achieve the best results, tap into your own subconscious. Your own feelings.


Spark creativity and speak to the various senses of your audience.


Visually, you can communicate with color,

typeface, shape, geometry,

letter spacing, and padding.


Pay attention to words and sentence structure.


Are they engaging enough?


Do they encourage immediate action?


Do creatives trigger impulsiveness?



Or does your messaging sound mechanical?


If your business has a physical presence,

also, think about face-to-face interactions.


Making customers feel at their best.


Online shoppers pay attention to buzz words,

convenience, site navigation, overall design,

user experience, speed, and efficiency.


There are many factors

involved in buying decisions.


Use your brand and these tips

to weigh them in your favor.


Or click here so we can do it for you. 


It’s Time to Market Differently.

Obviously, many things are happening behind the scenes.


Unconscious programs direct our behaviors.


And there is always more than meets the eye.


Speaking to deeper parts of the human experience

should be a fundamental part of your strategy.

Powerful marketing takes this into consideration


To play out fantasies in the customer’s mind


There are many ways to express and execute this knowledge.


And there’s so much more to talk about.


We only covered the basics.


Let us know if you’d like to learn more and connect on a deeper level. Find out how we can increase your sales by clicking here. Simply, fill out the short form and tell us about your next project. Thank you for being YOU.



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